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 Big feel to the house on small plot

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PostSubject: Big feel to the house on small plot   Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:34 pm

The sharp escalation in the price of land, especially in urban areas, has meant that large plots are increasingly becoming a luxury which not many can afford. Which means the key to building a good house lies in making the best use of the available space, however small it is.

Owners of small plots think of building “independent houses.” Real estate Cochin agents are trying to specialise in small houses, and more people are thinking of how to live on a small plot of land. Houses are being designed to fit tiny-sized plots, offering an average customer an affordable way to live in bustling, crowded and hugely expensive areas.

Independent houses, however, have their own charm and value. Whether it is located next to a block of high-rise apartments or nestled between other detached houses, an independent house always maintains its identity. But then, designing a house to fit such small plots is a challenge. Here are some tips and ideas to help an average small-plot owner meet that challenge.

On the plot level, leaving setbacks is mandatory. In most cases, setbacks on the front, back and the sides of plot take away a good chunk of the plot area, lessening the plinth area. This aspect is overlooked by many owners, which lands them in problems later. Parking, vegetable gardens, planting trees, washing and drying are some of the common uses to which these open spaces can be put to.
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Big feel to the house on small plot
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