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 New homes and deconstructed homes.

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PostSubject: New homes and deconstructed homes.   Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:01 am

Many new homes are being built all over the world and is, quite a natural phenomenon too. Nowadays it can be said that the homes are being built by the consumers themselves just with the guidance and support of an experienced builder. Thus today along with the builder the consumers too have an equal stand and prominence as it is their idea which helps the builder or it is the raw material for the builder to generate newer ideas. All this seems to be natural and the same becomes unnatural when it gets deconstructed. The process of deconstruction is also gathering its own space in the architectural arena, especially in the city of Washington DC.

Washington DC as a city is a home of many houses with some classic and unique designs and we might wonder for the scope of deconstruction at the same city which promotes newer ideas as such. But the scope is thus rather more than the building of new homes as such, as the deconstruction helps in the utilization of the salvaged materials and is reused, where we can introduce the new ideas and new designs. Thus both the production control and cost effectiveness is thus taken into account while deconstructing an existing building.

This all are the reasons, why the deconstructed homes are preferred over the new homes. Thus the builders have adopted a new strategy nowadays. Thus for the New Home Builders Washington DChas always been an experimental ground, where every experiment has a positive result. The new homes thus built today are thus made in such a way that the deconstruction for the future is rather made easier at the time of building itself. Constructing a belt on the foundation, avoiding the slanting roofs to the maximum, thin layer plastering, and the use of hollow bricks are some of the examples. Many houses are thus deconstructed and remodeled to form an utterly changed house as such to keep up the modernity in every aspect.
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New homes and deconstructed homes.
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