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PostSubject: Be A DISTRIBUTOR of WINALITE INTERNATIONAL   Wed May 25, 2011 9:38 am

World Record Breaker in Network Marketing Industry


6 Reasons Why You Should Join Winalite?

1. Amazing Product

- First in the world.
- Therapeutic health napkin
- Amazing testimonies
- Necessity product
- High-tech “Anion Technology” product
- Upcoming Anion–based product (more than 30 new products)
- We are not selling napkins, but marketing the whole business concept

2. Amazing Compensation Plan (two amazing features)

- Infinity (10% for Multiplier bonus)
- Internationally linked / Seamless
- Global business
- Amazing ‘Leadership Bonus”

3. Amazing Chairman (Mr. Vincent Chen)

Vision of the Chairman:
* Global vision – without it, we are not in more than 80 countries in 3 years, 1st quarter of 2010. And in 2011 in more than 90 countries

- Wanted to use LOVE to repay people
- Love Culture – Fantastic big heart Gives to charities
- He gets more pleasure in GIVING than RECEIVING
- Number 1 in China in 3 Years
- Global vision, Number 1 in 10 Years
- Vincent Chen’s goal is to donate all his wealth when he passed away.
- LOVE is his major concern, no language barrier. To use LOVE to conquer the WORLD!

4. Amazing Company

- Continuous research so that the company will always be ahead.
- $10 MILLION sales in 2 years
- NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD when it comes to high quality
- Passed the I.S.O 9001 – 2001
- Own the manufacturing plant
- One of the World’s Largest Manufacturing Plant
- Winalite went public on the OTCBB in USA (pre-board NASDAQ US stocks exchange)

5. Amazing Industry

- Blue ocean industry
- No competition (unlike ‘red ocean’)

6. Amazing Business Model

- Easy to learn, easy to do
- Easy business model to do (e.g. Doctors – Hard business model to learn)
- If a man can do it, a woman can do it all the more.
- The most amazing so far. All you need are two hands the least, pump in and pump out.
- Easy to LEARN, Easy to DO, Easy to TEACH = EASY TO DUPLICATE
- You can do it on your own
- All you have to do is to LEARN & APPLY by: Teaching, Training and Building. DUPLICATE and DUPLICATE until you build a SUPERTEAM.

To achieve TIME FREEDOM and FINANCIAL FREEDOM faster, BEST OPTION – Two (2) years = short time to build your future.

* In this kind of business, the challenge is how to sustain it. A lot of other group who made it big at the start could not sustain the success nor reach a higher achievement because they don’t know how to do it and they don’t have a proven step-by-step process to follow.
That’s why a Support System is crucial to sustain and fuel up the organization’s stability and success.

What is a Support System?

Support System is a standard operating system that has a step-by-step procedure that everyone follows. So whoever that person is, regardless of any background and experience, they will still be able to do the business easily as long as they follow and work within the system. It's easier to duplicate it down the network, regardless of the size of their organization. Even with no experience in this kind of business!

For example:
We all know McDonald’s fast food chain. One of the most successful fast food chains in the world. Why is McDonald’s expanding rapidly and has developed an incredible chain of stores around the World? This is because they have established the same STANDARD OPERATING SYSTEM worldwide.

If you want to establish a ‘Passive Income’ in the Network Marketing business, you need to have a “Support System”. A system that can help you to duplicate the exact same working standard like what Mcdonald’s is providing.


FFG (Freedom Faithnet Global) is a Support System founded by three top global leaders;

Dr. Teh (Teh Sor Hoon)
Dr. Yong (Yong Woon San)
Prof. Onggy Hianata.

These three co-founders are already very successful in their respective field of businesses when they joined Winalite.

Dr. Yong (Yong Woon San) & Dr. Teh (Teh Sor Hoon) :
After accumulating years of experience and achievements in direct sales and with great vision and bravery, Dr. Yong Woon San and Teh Sor Hoon set up Multi-pure, a company specializing in direct sales in 1990. The Company quickly grew into a star corporation with great reputation in direct sales in Malaysia. For two years in a row, Multi-pure won the awards of “The Best Product Strategy” and “The Most Outstanding Product” elected by the magazine “Direct Sales Today”.

For more information of Dr Teh & Dr Yong’s profile:

Prof. Onggy Hianata
Prof. Onggy is the founder of EduNet, an organization in Indonesia that conducts a “life-changing” Boot Camps, etc.

For more information of Onggy profile:

With the vast experience of these three co-founders, including the teachings and experiences they learned from their respective mentors, combined is a total of more than 200 years of rich business and network experience all rolled into one amazing and proven SUPPORT SYSTEM!

FFG (Freedom FaithNet Global), a worldwide Support System that:

- Provides effective learning on the way to build a huge network.
- Provides powerful and high quality educational training.
- Provides Mental Development seminars (Boot Camps, etc.)
- Provides high quality training materials and outstanding tools for business organization
such as: CD, VCD, DVD, Books and Seminars
- Conducts standard business presentation (Welty Show)
- Enables every business partner to develop from personal growth, maturity to success and ultimately establish an endless success system.
- Conducts routine seminars/trainings such as:
Welty Cell
FFG Orientation
Network Camp
Dynamic & Appreciation Night (D&A Nite)
Annual Freedom Celebration (AFC), etc.

* Because of this amazing Support System which is very much proven and effective, Dr Yong and Dr. Teh have established a group totaling to over a million distributors worldwide under their organization in just four years!!!

This kind of opportunity knocks only once.

Be involved immediately!

FOR MORE INFO: 0920-922-4027
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